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No matter what service you are looking for, Gun Barrel Computers is the most trusted name in Henderson County.


Shield your devices & data with Gun Barrel Computers' reliable antivirus. Stay protected while browsing, prevent malware, and enjoy peace of mind.

Data Recovery Solutions In Henderson County

Recover lost data effortlessly with Gun Barrel Computers. Get back your important files and documents with our reliable data recovery services.

Home Computer Repair in Henderson County

Get reliable home computer repair services from Gun Barrel Computers. Fix hardware and software issues, optimize performance, and get back to seamless computing.

Network Infrastructure

Build a robust network infrastructure with Gun Barrel Computers. Reliable solutions for seamless connectivity, efficient data transfer, and secure network operations.

Server Management

Simplify server management with Gun Barrel Computers. Ensure optimal performance, data security, and seamless operations with our reliable server management solutions.

Office IT Security Service

Enhance office IT security with Gun Barrel Computers. Protect your data, networks, and systems with our comprehensive IT security services.
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Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Our MCSE-certified experts, our customers gain assurance of proficient design, troubleshooting, and optimization of Microsoft server infrastructure. Experience reliable performance, efficient operations, and seamless IT management for enhanced productivity.

Microsoft Certified Systems Admin. (MCSA)

MCSA certified professionals ensure efficient management of Microsoft server environments. Our customers benefit from expert administration, troubleshooting, and smooth server operations for reliable IT infrastructure and streamlined business processes.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

MCP certified professionals possess expertise in Microsoft technologies. Our customers gain reliable solutions, industry-recognized skills, and enhanced IT capabilities for improved productivity and success in a competitive digital landscape.

Dell Certified Systems Expert (DCSE)

Our Dell Certified Systems Experts (DCSE) offer specialized knowledge in Dell server infrastructure. Customers benefit from expert design, implementation, and optimization of Dell-based systems for reliable performance and seamless operations.


Our A+ certified technicians ensure reliable computer solutions. Customers receive expert hardware and software support, troubleshooting, and optimized performance for a seamless computing experience.

Network +

Our Network+ certified professionals deliver reliable networking solutions. Customers gain expertise in network design, implementation, troubleshooting, and security, ensuring robust and efficient connectivity for their business needs.

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